Bandwidth Daily - Featured Interview
We work really hard crafting our songs and creating interesting artwork and videos and whatnot that go along with them - so it's always great when our work elicits enthusiastic responses from our fans and the public in general.... [Read More...]
Top Shelf Reggae - Premiere: 9 Mile Roots "Feel" Music video
The beautifully produced video was shot on location at Ocean City, Maryland Boardwalk... [Read More...]
The Pier - MP3 Leak of the Week
9 Mile Roots describes their music as Suburban Roots Reggae, which paints the visual that this band is from the suburbs playing reggae music and not from the ghetto, streets or palm-tree laced islands where this music has its roots... [Read More...]
9 Mile Roots Interview with The Rogers Revue
Lauren from "The Rogers Revue" reached out to chat about some upcoming moves and answer a few questions about the band...

"9 Mile Roots is a Baltimore based reggae band that will change the way you look at reggae forever." - The Rogers Revue [Read More...]
Top Shelf Reggae - Artist spotlight: 9 Mile Roots
Our friends at Top Shelf Reggae are hosting the exclusive first peak at our new single - On The Floor - check out their review of the track and pick up a FREE mp3 download...

"9 Mile Roots is making new waves for the east coast reggae scene"
- Top Shelf Reggae [Read More...]
9 Mile Roots on the move of reggae into pop and their gig bucket list

Our friends at AXS stopped by for a quick chat about what's up with rock-reggae in Baltimore ! Check out this interview they did with Josh about the growth of reggae music in the states and his thoughts about playing shows...

"Reggae music has been making it's way into popular music for the past couple of years. But local the Baltimore band 9 Mile Roots has been ahead of the curve, producing and performing a mix of roots, rock and reggae music..." [Read More...]
9 Mile Roots: And The Rest Will Follow
9 Mile Roots latest album, "And The Rest Will Follow"... "Trust me you do not want to pass this listen up!.."